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This page is for requesting to join The Code Team. You must qualify to be able to join or your membership request will be removed. Simply add and fill out the Code Team Membership template to the page. Then members will change the number in the yea or nay column for their vote, the applicant's membership will be decided if they have at least four votes in either yea or nay. If the request is denied, the applicant can reapply in 20 days. Requests will be officaly checked by the president.

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Rules for membership How to use the template
  • You must have 100+ edits.
  • You can't be a sockpuppet account.
  • You must be active on this wiki for at least one month.
{{Code Team Membership
|Username = <username>
|Reason = <reason>
|yea = <0>
|nay = <0>
|Status = <Under vote>}}

Now you're ready to begin.

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